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Frequently asked questions and answers


Ski school


Where do the courses take place?


All ski- and snowboard group courses take place on the mountain station (across from the Tirolerhaus) at our meeting point.

Cross country group courses take place at (Golf course) between Ehrwald and Lermoos.

Private courses take place on the Ehrwalder Alm, the Sonnenhang or another ski area on request.


When do courses take place?


The goup course for children start at 9:45 am (first dag 9:30 am to make the groups!)

There are all day courses for children (9:45 - 11:50 am and 2 - 4pm)

or half day courses for children (9:45 - 11:50 am)


during the carnival holidays half day course for children is only from 12 - 2 pm


Snowboard group courses: 12 - 2 pm (high season 9:45 - 11:50 am as well)

Group courses for adults: 9:45 - 11:50 am (high season 12 - 2 pm as well)


Private courses are from  12 - 2 pm and can only be booked for that time online. In case you want to book a private course in the morning (9:45 - 11:50 am) or in the afternoon (2 - 4 pm, please send us an email


Who needs a skipass?

 All participants from 6 years old need a skipass.


Is the skipass included in the course?

No, the skipass is not included in the course.


When and how are the groups made?

All participants meet 15 minutes before course start on the first day to ski a short trail for us to determine their level and divide them into groups accordingly.

Beginners obviously don't have to do this.


Are there english speaking instructors?

Generally all our instructors speak german and english - about 80% speak dutch as well

Especially during the holidays we have a lot of dutch in our ski school team, many of them working with the children.


Can I book a course with a specific instructor?

We'll do our utmost to book that special instructor again in case of a private booking. For group course however, we can't promise anything.



Can I book a course in advance?

Yes, you can book your course online.


Is there a day care at midday?

Yes, children can come to the skikindergarten at midday, either for 2 hours (15€) incl. lunch and supervision or for 1 hour (10€) incl. lunch and supervision.


Is there a kindergarten/day care?

Yes, in the Tirolerhaus is a special kindergarten/day care for all children who don't ski. You can't book the kindergarten/day care - it is open every day from 9 am - 3 pm and and you can pay for it there (1h 14 € or 1/2 h 8€)


How much is a course?

All prices of the different courses can be found here


Are there courses on Saturdays?

Yes, on Saturday we NOW have the Saturday Special, - a 2 h group course for children and adults.

Private courses are then taking place from 12 - 14 pm.


From what age my child can start a course?

Children can start learning to ski from 3 years of age.



How many days comprises a course?

The course can be booked as you like, you can add or take off days as you wish - we are very flexible!


Where can I book a course?

You can book a course online on our web site. You can also book locally in our office or on the Ehrwalder Alm mountain station at our meeting point.

You can pay there where you book, also with card (EC/Visa-Master)


When do beginner courses take place?

Generally beginner courses take place on Saturdays, Sunday, Mondays an Wednesdays.


Do you have an afternoon program?

Yes, every afternoon we offer an additional program for children - Click here to find out more


Are pictures taken?

Yes, pictures of all groups are taken during each week, at the final race and the prize giving ceremony


Is there a final race?

Yes, every Friday a final race is held for the children - prize giving is either after the course on the Ehrwalder Alm or in the evening at 5 pm in the Zugspitzsaal in Ehrwald - Each child receives a medal and a certificate.


Do I get my money back when my child is ill?

Yes, when you have a medical report, you'll get a refund for the lessons, material and lift cards that the child didn't use. Please inform us through our office immediately.




Ski rental


What ski do you offer?

We use ski from the brand Rossignol  - from top racing ski up to freestyle twin tip


What kind of boots do you offer?

We have the boots from the brands Rossignol, Dalbello, Deluxxe und Fischer 


Can I buy inlay soles?

 You can buy several kinds of inlay soles in our office and have them adjusted to your feet immediately.


Can I book the material in advance?

Ski and boots can be booked in advance, but only online.


Where can I rent and pick up the ski?

 Material can be rented and picked up from our office (Kirchplatz 14a, 6632 Ehrwald).


Is there a storage possibility?

We don't have storage possibilities.


Can I have my ski/board repaired or waxed?

Of course you can have ski and board waxed and repaired in our office.


Do I pay for 6 days on a 7 day rental?

Yes, for a 7 day rental, you only pay for 6 days.


Do children need a helmet?

Helmets are not obligatory - we do of course advise to wear one - For children the helmet comes free with the rental of the other equipment - Adult helmets are € 2,-  per day


Can I rent ski goggles / ski clothing?

We have ski goggles for sale (Adults € 30,- Teens € 26,- and children € 20,-) - We don't have goggles or clothing for rent.



When can I book?

The online shop opens at the end of the summer and closes at the end of April.


What can I book?

You can book courses and equipment online.


What can I NOT book online?

Special requests regarding private courses, the Saturday special, VIP ski's, helmet and the kindergarten in the Tirolerhaus can not be booked online. Just write us an email - we'll happily deal with your requests 

How can I pay?

You can pay with PayPal or with credit card







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